Following are brief excerpts from six of the 31 beginning, intermediate, and advanced folk dances in The Golden Gate Is Open.  They represent the Czech, Moravian, and Slovak styles of dance.  Included in the 31 dances are the Waltz, Polka, Mazurka, and Czardas among other types.  In these clips, more than one excerpt has been included for dances in which there is a change in style or complexity as a dance progresses.  Refer to the Table of Contents for the order of the 31 dances.

Volume I, #3, Volky (Little Oxen)—Moravian. Beginning

Volume 1, #6, Ráček (The Small Crayfish)—Czech. Beginning

Volume II, #7, Zbujan–Moravian. Intermediate

Volume II, #9, Čardáš (The Czardas)—Slovak. Intermediate

Volume III, #2, Česka polka (The Czech Polka)—Czech. Advanced

Volume III, #8, Karičky (A Suite of Round Dances)—Slovak. Advanced