“This is an amazing piece. The fine detail is like nothing I have ever seen in a collection intended for teachers—from the introductory material to every movement of each dance, its description, melodic transcription, and teaching suggestions. I am in awe of this collection, which seems to me to set a brand new precedent for providing teachers with what they truly need regarding the movement, music, meaning, and pedagogical support.

“I would feel ultimate confidence in teaching from this material. It appears to be crystal clear in its articulation of the dances, the music, the people, the place. The careful attention to little details in the ‘Teaching Comments and Suggestions’ fosters a certain confidence that comes from knowing that the authors have so thoroughly thought through the possible challenges to teaching the dance in a stylistically correct manner. The DVD is precious and the dancers are exquisite!” – Professor Patricia Shehan Campbell, University of Washington

“What a delight. You have assembled quite a project. I think there is very good material. The children’s material is very useable. ‘Culture’ is very definitely one of the ‘in’ things in folk dancing—and you have really given this background.” – Marlys S. Waller, co-author, Tenth Edition, Dance a While.