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Contents of the Book, Volumes I, II, III




Notes on the Directions for the Dances

Volume I: Beginning Dances for Children Ages 5-13 and Adults

  1. Čížeček (The Little Siskin), Bohemia
  2. Kolečko mlýnský (The Little Mill Wheel), central Bohemia
  3. Volky (The Little Oxen), northeast Moravia
  4. Jarní hry (Spring Dance Games), Bohemia and Moravia
  5. Na Heličku (The Helichka Games), south central Bohemia
  6. Ráček (The Small Crayfish), northeast Bohemia
  7. Ovečky (The Little Sheep), southwestern Bohemia
  8. Zaječí (The Hare Dance), east central Moravia
  9. Ševcovskí (The Cobbler’s Dance), northeast Bohemia
  10. Šijeme vrecia (Sewing Satchels), north central Slovakia

Volume II: Intermediate Dances for Young People Ages 14-16 and Adults

  1. Čerešničky (The Cherries), in the style of southeast Moravia
  2. Věnec (The Wreath), south central Bohemia
  3. Boleslav (The Beautiful Town of Boleslav), northeast Bohemia
  4. Černá vlna (Black Fleece), northeast Moravia
  5. Podšable (The Sword Dance), east Moravia
  6. Mazurka (The Mazurka), north Bohemia
  7. Zbujan (The Zbujan), northeast Moravia
  8. Dvojpolka (The Heel and Toe Polka), northeast Bohemia
  9. Čardáš (The Czardas), Slovakia
  10. Kalamajka a Maděra (The Kalamayka and Madera), North Bohemia and Moravia

Volume III: Advanced Dances for Young People Ages 17+ and Adults

  1. Lašský mazur (The Lachian Mazur), northeast Moravia
  2. Česká polka (The Czech Polka), northeast Bohemia
  3. Kopaničářský čardáš (The Kopanice Czardas), east Moravia
  4. Heľpa (The Pretty Town of Helpa), central Slovakia
  5. Troják (The Threesome Dance), northeast Bohemia
  6. Čeladenský (The Čeladenský), northeast Moravia
  7. Sýkorka (The Titmouse), southwest Bohemia
  8. Karičky (A Suite of Round Dances), east Slovakia
  9. Odzemok (The Odzemok Dance), north central Slovakia
  10. Lašské kolo (The Lachian Round), northeast Moravia
  11. Furiant (The Hotheaded Show-off), Bohemia

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DVD and CD Contents

The book is spiral bound, paperback, 294 pages, and 8 ½” by 11”

The DVD and CDs

The DVD contains an introduction and performances of the 31 dances. It is two hours in length. Because it may be difficult to see some of the more complicated steps with the costumes, some of the dances are demonstrated again in rehearsal dress. For rehearsal and performance purposes, the music is contained on two CDs. The first 16 dances are on one CD; the remaining 15 dances are on the other CD. The timing for each dance is given in the DVD and CD Contents.

Volume I

For  teachers of students aged 5-13 and for adult beginners, Volume I is available separately with a DVD and CD.